The Microwave Olympics

Master Shake: All right! That was incredi- You know you were in there for almost five minutes? You are gonna win, and you are gonna get in that book.

Meatwad: Man, the pressure on my eyes was indescribable.

Master Shake: Yeah, but that was easy. We just did a thaw. That was only on fish!

Meatwad: I’m ready for poultry.

Master Shake: No, you’re not. But you will improve with practice so there’s still hope. This time you’re gonna be in there for awhile, so maybe you should get some reading material. Ooh. Here, read this box of foil.

Aqua-Teen-Hunger-Force-Remooned (5)

You Read It Backwards Fool

Meatwad: No, that’s hair. You read it backwards, fool. So go get it.

Frylock: Come on, Meatwad. I mean, don’t you want some toys or–

Meatwad: I’m not saying don’t get me any toys. But I need that hair. Otherwise no one’s gonna take me seriously, you see what I’m sayin?
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