Playing God

Master Shake: Why look what we have here! Pipe cleaners, a stapler, and a pound of human hair!

Meatwad: I can make some fur and shape some ears for him and staple it all to his head.

Master Shake: Then you’ll be able to have your very own long bunny rabbit that you designed! It’s your chance to play God!

Meatwad: Hold still, Nathan. This will only hurt once, but damn will it hurt. staples ears to snake, it begins biting him Ow, ow!


Watch Out For the Mines

Master Shake: I’m not done! Look, when we go in there, you need to watch where you step.

Frylock: And why is that?

Meatwad: (explosion) Damn!!!

Master Shake: That is part of the reason, now let’s just go in and remember what I said.

Frylock: Meatwad, are you okay?

Meatwad: Y’all got the whole hallway mined! What is the deal?