Meatwad’s Baby Shower

Meatwad: Carl, this is so sweet, really. You didn’t have to do this, it’s-

Frylock: What the hell is this?

Carl: Well, it’s a fishing rod. You see it folds up. You know it put it in your-I got about a hundred of them. Well, they make pretty good gifts if you don’t, you know, give a crap about who you’re givin them to.

Meatwad: Heh, thank you. But, uh, this child will have no need to fish, ’cause if he wants fish, he’ll just yank one out of midair. Cause he’s-

Carl: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Fryman told me there.

Carl: You.. uh. You sure you wasn’t raped?

Meatwad: No, but I was raped with joy.

Carl: So.. there’s gonna be another one of you animals running around over here. Great. We’ll start a zoo. Super.

Aqua-Teen-Hunger-Force-Gee-Whiz (12)

The New Birthday Song

Master Shake: Well kiss that snooze-fest goodbye, because I wrote a new one, and from now on whenever someone blows out candles or unties a ribbon, THIS is what their waitresses will be singing (turns on tape machine):

Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary: Deep within the wall of time, a creature thus be born. See the mighty united with the egg of tyranny. Check this force within the womb of life for three-quarter but night yeah, The creature thus be born. The creature thus be born.