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Steve: Bursts out of Dr. Weird Ta da!!

Dr. Weird: Wait for the drumroll!!

Meatwad: Mmm, these is good.

Frylock: Meatwad? Meatwad, are you in here?

Meatwad: Huh uh. I ain’t in here.

Frylock: You are gonna spoil your dinner, boy.

Meatwad: Dinner? Hah, this is my dinner.

Frylock: A jumbo bag of Enchiladitos?

Meatwad: Yep. “Enchiladitos, they make you wanna eat ‘em!”

Frylock: Well I’ll have you know that I’ve been in there cooking a three-bean casserole–

Meatwad: Quick question here: Is it zesty-ranch flavored?

Frylock: No, it’s bean flavored.

Meatwad: Yuck city. Have fun eatin’ it, ’cause I’m eatin’ this.

Frylock: I mean, you are gonna stunt your growth–

Meatwad: Quiet now! I need complete, total silence otherwise I’m not gonna be able to execute this here cheese procedure.

Master Shake: What the hell is that stink in the kitchen? Because if that’s– Enchiladitos?! Where did you–how did–

Meatwad: I got them at the store.

Master Shake: You’re not allowed out there. Precious ranch dust!

Meatwad: That’s my dust there. you give it back.

Master Shake: What are these, temporary tattoos? Get ‘em out of here!

Meatwad: No, don’t throw them away. I gotta lick that dust off of there!

Frylock: Oh, my goodness. Meatwad, you’ve just won two tickets to the Superbowl.

Master Shake: Yeah, oh, I believe you.

Meatwad: Yeah, right.

Master Shake: You’re bluffing.

Meatwad: He is. Look at him. He’s sweating.

Tickets: Congratulations consumer! You’re going to the super bowl.

Master Shake: Gimme those! Those are mine, I want them!

Meatwad: I bought the bag!

Master Shake: I want ‘em!!

Meatwad: I bought the bag and everything inside the bag.

Master Shake: And you have the bag! Look, you’re a deep sea diver, go drink some salt water.

Frylock: Shake, Meatwad bought the chips. The tickets are his.

Master Shake: Uh! Well is that right?

Frylock: Yeah, that’s right.

Master Shake: Well no one escapes from..the…Alcatraz!

Frylock: Congratulations, Meatwad. You and a friend are going to the Superbowl.

Meatwad: Oh, don’t that kick a little ass? Wait. I ain’t got no friends.

Master Shake: I’m your friend! I’m going to the super bowl with you.

Frylock: Yeah, we better hide them tickets.

Master Shake: Oh, God, this is so gross.

Meatwad: What? Good morning. What are you doing?

Master Shake: I didn’t leave my keys in here. I’m such a silly– this must be the wrong place.

Meatwad: Well, good morning. Well, good morning. Well, good–

Master Shake: Stay down, fool.

Frylock: You lookin’ for somethin’?

Master Shake: Yeah, are you lookin’ for somethin’?

Meatwad: Just everlasting peace.

Frylock: Look, I shrunk the tickets down and injected them into my bloodstream.

Meatwad: Whoa, whoa. I said to hide ‘em, not get ‘em all bloody.

Master Shake: Yeah, you know you didn’t have to do that. I’m not an animal. I don’t eat my own crap. I mean, I have standards.

Frylock: Shut up. damn.

Frylock: Can I help you?

Master Shake: (With needle and IV cart) Ohh, you’re not Mr. Jones, room 302. Where are my charts? No charts?! Somebody’s fired! I’ll be–I gotta fire someone. I’m just gonna shut the door behind me, you go back to bed, you trooper.

Meatwad: Hey, Carl. How you doin’?

Carl: Hey, just the man I wanna see, there. I heard through the grapevine that someone won a big prize recently, huh?

Meatwad: Yep, I got two tickets to the Super Ball.

Carl: Naw, it’s–it’s “bowl” – that’s cute that you said that ’cause you’se frickin idiot.

Carl: I got a pigskin here. Let’s wing it around. You know what I’m saying?

Meatwad: Pig skin?

Master Shake: Yes! They strip the skin off of little pigs and then pour vinegar all over their little pumping organs all for a game.

Carl: Get your meat ass out here and have some fun with me.

Master Shake: Hey, Hey, Hey, get away from my buddy. He’s my good friend. But if you tell anyone I said that, I will deny it up and down!

Carl: Look, it’s a Super Ball, like you said. It’s what they use in the..uh.. ya know, where we’re goin’. You’re goin’. You…You won the tickets right? You– (To Shake) This is the one that won the tickets, right?

Carl: Okay, so you got the ball. Now you want to wrap your–you know, that stretchy little sticky thing.

Meatwad: Like this.

Carl: No.

Meatwad: What about this?

Carl: No, not like that either, no.

Meatwad: How about this?

Carl: Sure. whatever. It’s going right in the trash after this, so, yeah, let her rip. Yeah, hooray, we won. Who are you taking to the Superbowl?

Meatwad: Well, I–I guess I’ll take my best friend.

Carl: I mean, that’s me, right? I mean, who just threw the ball with you that– you know, that one time I did.

Meatwad: Well, that’s all nice and everything, but I’lll you how you can be a better friend. You could heat that pool up like a jacuzzi, it’d be real nice.

Carl: Yeah, yeah, I could do that, but I could turn that hose on, and you could sort of, you know, flip around in the sprinkler.

Meatwad: Yeah, that’d be fun if I was stupid. Heat the whole pool.

Carl: All right, I’ll see what I can do there.

Master Shake: Hey! little buddy! How is my favorite little man doing, huh? Come here. Give me a– stand by me.

Meatwad: Oohh, tell you what, my shoulders sure are tired from throwin’ that ball so hard, I’m afraid.

Master Shake: Shoulders? What shoulders? You don’t have shoulders. You’d be lucky to have bones, you.. hah, uh.. I mean, lemme rub ‘em for ya, huh?

Meatwad: Yeah, yeah, that’s a good idea… Why you got them ovenmits on?

Master Shake: I ain’t touchin’ you skin to skin. I mean, it’s extra padding..ya know? It’s for your pleasure.

Meatwad: I’m not entirely comfortable with the level of asbestos in these mits.

Master Shake: Just take deep breaths, breathe it in! Die! Gimme those tickets!!

Master Shake: Why do you get to go?! You don’t even know what it is!

Frylock: What are you doing to him?

Master Shake: Ha ha! how’s your alignment feel now? Is–is that straight?

Meatwad: Yes, thank you. that does feel better. Ow!

Master Shake: Whoops! I’m such a butterfingers.

Meatwad: Boy, I wonder, who should I get to go with me to the Superbowl, Frylock? It could be you, if you know which buttons to push.

Frylock: I’m not that much of a sports fan, really. I don’t care.

Meatwad: Why? Is it a sporting event?

Frylock: Well, yeah.

Meatwad: I mean, yes, it is a sporting event.

Frylock: I mean, it’s the biggest football game of the year.

Meatwad: Tell you what. You give me that there computer, maybe you’ll get to go with me.

Frylock: Well, I really don’t want to go.

Meatwad: Superbowl is in Detroit this year.

Frylock: Oh, boy. Detroit.

Meatwad: Yep. The home of Robocop.

Frylock: I don’t want to go to the damn Superbowl.

Meatwad: Well, good, you won’t get to, ’cause I’m taking my best friend, which is not you at the moment because you yelled at me.

Frylock: Fine with me.

Meatwad: Maybe I could shrink you down and put you into my blood stream–

Frylock: Get the hell out of here!

Master Shake: Wooo! Look who just got a mini-bike!

Meatwad: Look who just insulted me with this 10-horsepower piece of crap. You think I’m a child?

Master Shake: Don’t look at the streamers; look at the frame. This is a man’s bike.

Meatwad: Keep it cranked. Let me go get my dolly.

Meatwad: How we doin’ Carl? Is that pool heated yet?

Carl: Still kinda harpin’ on that, huh? Well you know this little area right here’s pretty warm, ya know. Come on, hop in, pee wherever. I know ya do that.

Meatwad: You’re not doing the job I asked you to do. I still see ice. that is a problem to me.

Carl: Okay, okay, time-out here.

Carl: There’s something I need to say, ya know. Ever since my son was never conceived because I never had concentual sex without money involved, I always sorta looked at you as well, kind’ve a thing that I could, ya know, live next to in accordance with state laws.

Meatwad: That’s so sweet. You’re tryin’ to say that you love me, Carl.

Carl: Hey! Whoa, whoa whoa.. Let’s not put people on the spot here. (Raises hand with foam finger) WHO’RE YOU TAKIN’ TO THAT FRICKIN’ SUPERBOWL?!

Meatwad: Carl! Your finger!

Frylock: Shake, what are you doing?

Master Shake: I’m getting those other tickets to the Superbowl. Maybe I’ll take you, but I doubt it. You played your cards wrong. You backed the wrong pony.

Frylock: Why not just dump them all out, Shake? I mean, you don’t have to eat all the chips.

Master Shake: But they’re so delicious! They torture me. And when I win, I’m gonna sit next to him and ride his ass, ’cause I’m not kissing his ass for one more second.

Meatwad: Hey, y’all.

Master Shake: How’s that mini-bike treating you, sport? I gotta get that back to the place by five, so, you know, you have fun within reason.

Meatwad: Forget it. I’m done now. This hog ain’t got enough torque for this man.

Master Shake: Torque?! I’ll torque– get over here in my hands.

Frylock: I think we need to go get you to a doctor.

Master Shake: What I need to go see is the Superbowl. Don’t play with my emotions! who are you taking?

Carl: Yeah, who are you taking?

Frylock: Carl! How did you get in here?

Carl: The window, jackass. Who are you taking?

Master Shake: This is a box. Are you out of your freakin’ mind? You’ll get arrested.

Meatwad: Gentlemen.

Meatwad: Meet my new best friend: Boxy Brown

Master Shake: Meet your new dead best friend!

Boxy Brown: Uh uh, fool. Step back.

Meatwad: You best listen to Boxy, now. He don’t play.

Master Shake: Listen to what? He’s imaginary, for Chri– You don’t even like feetball, I’m the number one super fan!

Meatwad: Well, see y’all later. I’m going to the Superbowl.

Boxy Brown: Down in Motown. you see what I’m saying?

Frylock: Have fun, Meatwad.

Master Shake: Fine! Go to the Superbowl, you friggin’– have fun having empties thrown into your best friend all day. I don’t feel good.

Frylock: Carl, will you grab Shake’s other hand? We need to get him to a clinic.

Carl: Yeah, sure, I’ll do that.

Frylock: Uh, Carl, are you being sarcastic?

Carl: No, I’m not.

Narrator: Carl, you one crazy m****.

Master Shake: Great. now I got diabetes.

Frylock: Well, the game just started.

Master Shake: OO, what a contest. 55-3 in the first quarter. Shut it off. did you hear me? The doctor said I have cancer.

Frylock: Uh-oh. Is that the ticket?

Master Shake: Well, call a cab. Let’s go, come on. We gotta get to the airport.

Meatwad: We are back. that was fun, wasn’t it, Boxy?

Boxy Brown: Sure was, brother. We raised the roof all up in there.

Frylock: But the tickets are right here, Meatwad.

Meatwad: I know. they didn’t even want them. They just sort of, you know, kind of pecked at us, like a bunch of chickens.

Boxy Brown: Sure did, and they was chickens, my man. It was a hen hizzy.

Meatwad: Oh, no, they’re professionals. I doubt they’d use chickens.

Frylock: Chickens?

Boxy Brown: Fool, do not make him repeat himself.

Meatwad: We got to drink milk straight from a cow and then pet a goat, and that goat– that goat, like, snatched Boxy’s arm off, I’ll tell you.

Boxy Brown: Sure did, that goat.

Frylock: Well, there’s really no telling where you’ve been, now, is there?

Meatwad: Yep. Superbowls are fun. We got braggin’ rights this year. Number one.

Master Shake: Who?

Meatwad: Number one!

Master Shake: Who? Who’s number one?

Meatwad: I don’t know.

Master Shake: You don’t know, because you went to a f***in’ farm you f***in’ imbecile! Get back here, you cost me my one chance! I got f***in’ diabetes and cancer because of you!

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